The ULTIMATE Guide to Enjoying Your Artesian Hot Tub

If you’re lucky enough to own an Artesian hot tub, it’s important to know how to get the most out of your investment. Knowing what time is the best time to soak in a hot tub and what items you should and should not bring is only the beginning.  Today we are here to discuss all of that as well as safety and maintenance tips so that you can enjoy your luxury Artesian spa, one of the most reliable hot tub brands on the market, with the peace of mind that you’re doing it safely! So grab your bathing suit and let’s get started! 

The Benefits of Soaking in a Hot Tub

Who doesn’t love a good soak in the hot tub? Lounging in the steaming hot water can be just the ticket for a relaxing end to a busy or stressful day and there are many documented mental and physical hot tub health benefits associated with this activity. Various studies have shown that soaking regularly in a hot tub has been linked to improving mood, reducing inflammation and pain, and even lowering blood pressure. So why not turn up the jets and add some music? You may come out feeling revitalized and relaxed – a definite power-up on any regular ol’ day!


When Is the Best Time to Soak in a Hot Tub?

Taking a dip in a hot tub is arguably the closest thing to having your own personal spa in your home, whether it be an Artesian Platinum Elite Series spa or a cozier 2-person model like the Azalea hot tub in the Garden Spa collection, can make for the perfect end to a long day. Add some aromatherapy oils or candles if you’re looking for an extra indulgence! Ultimately, if you’re looking for a bit more of a pep in your step, try hopping into the hot tub first thing on a Saturday morning and say “Hello!” to the weekend. You’ll start your day feeling relaxed and refreshed – ready for whatever the rest of it may bring! 


Honestly, there is no “best” time to soak in a hot tub, only the best time for you and your lifestyle!


Preparing for the Perfect Hot Tub Experience

If jumping into a hot tub isn’t the perfect way to relax, then what is? Before you start unwinding, it’s important to take a few steps to ensure you have the perfect hot tub experience. Start by removing any moss and muck from the spa and then testing the temperature of the water – nothing’s worse than discovering an overly hot or cold bath! Now that everything is clean, ready, and raring to go, all that’s left for you to do is jump in and enjoy!

What To Bring and What Not To Bring

Ready to pamper yourself and enjoy some well-deserved relaxation? By investing in your very own Artesian Spa you have a unique opportunity to take your health  to a new level by creating a daily hot tub self-care ritual that will help to improve your mood and health. To do this safely, it’s essential that you be prepared with all the necessities. Cozy and clean towels, comfy bathrobes or dresses, and spa slippers or flip flops (the funkier the better!) are must-haves for any spa adventure. As an added bonus, why not bring along a few snacks and drinks (avoid glass bottles or drinkware) as well as some music for ambiance? Avoiding bringing jewelry and other metal accessories that can easily corrode when exposed to the chlorine or bromine used for sanitizing the spa is also an important consideration. 

Safety Tips for Enjoying Your Hot Tub Time 

Your hot tub time is a great way to relax, but it’s important to stay safe while doing so. Make sure kids are never left alone in the hot tub, and that you cap their session at no longer than 15 minutes. Also avoid having any drinks with alcohol before or during use as it can reduce alertness which can be unsafe without supervision. Finally, make sure to always adhere to manufacturer instructions when setting up and taking down any parts of your hot tub set-up – they know best when it comes to safety! Now all that’s left is to kick back and enjoy your bubbly bliss!


Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for Maximizing Your Hot Tub’s Lifespan

With a hot tub, it’s like having your very own private oasis and maximizing that experience means keeping on top of maintenance. Keeping your hot tub in tip top condition requires regular checking of pH levels and water balance, changing filters appropriately (every few months), vacuuming and scrubbing the walls/floors once a week, adding chlorine or bromine tablets every 1-2 weeks, balancing chemicals each month, draining and refilling every 3 months, running diagnostics tests quarterly – it’s quite the list! Taking care of this suite of spa essentials will help you stay blissful in your personal paradise knowing all is well.  We all want to avoid any nasty surprises and if you have any questions about spa upkeep don’t hesitate to ask our sales team about what you need, how to do it, and how often these activities need to occur!

Additional Ideas To Enhance Your Hot Tub Experience

Adding additional features like LED lights around jets or near the bottom of the pool can create beautiful light shows while enjoying time inside; installing a waterfall feature at the entrance provides calming sound effect while entering/exiting the pool area; adding Bluetooth speakers so music can stream directly into the water providing perfect background ambiance while having conversations with friends or family members nearby etc… All these ideas are great ways to personalize your experience and set the perfect ambience!   


Ultimately, there is no perfect time or way to enjoy your hot tub but it is important to select the perfect hot tub for you, whether you need a smaller hot tub or something larger for bigger groups of family and friends like the Artesian South Seas Spas 748B. If you have questions about what type of hot tub is right for you, we at AMA Entertainment recommend that you take our “Find Your Perfect Hot Tub” quiz or stop in to our location near you to speak with our expert team.